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May 2018
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Strategy and Quality Policy

About the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education

The Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC) is an independent budgetary organisation established in 1995. The Centre implements the national policy of research and higher education of Lithuania within the limits of its competence and ensures compatibility of the Lithuanian higher education system with the provisions of the European Higher Education Area.

The SKVC undertakes to promote the quality of Lithuanian higher education as well as quality culture, create favourable conditions for studies and professional activities, the free movement of persons, and seek compatibility of the Lithuanian higher education system with the provisions of the European Higher Education Area.

The Law on Higher Education and Research and the SKVC Regulations define the following main objectives of the Centre:

To promote the quality of activities of Lithuanian higher education institutions through an external assessment and accreditation of institutions and study programmes;
To create favourable conditions for the free movement of persons when organising and carrying out assessment and/or recognition in Lithuania of higher education-related qualifications awarded by foreign institutions and fulfilling other functions of the Lithuanian ENIC/NARIC (the networks of European National Information Centres and National Academic Recognition Information Centres) centre in the Republic of Lithuania.

Since its establishment, the SKVC performs two main functions:

It carries out the external assessment of higher education institutions and their study programmes, which is used as the basis for accrediting higher education institutions and their provided study programmes. In implementing this activity, the SKVC has become a reliable and recognised agency for evaluating higher education quality. By inviting Lithuanian and foreign experts – academicians, students and professionals – to carry out external assessment, the SKVC contributes to the systematic improvement of higher education quality;
It recognises foreign secondary and higher education qualifications and fulfils other functions of the Lithuanian ENIC/NARIC centre. These functions have been fulfilled by the SKVC since 1999; the Centre shares a considerable relevant experience by providing consultations and information to natural and legal persons about academic and professional recognition of foreign qualifications, Lithuanian and foreign education systems, recognition of the periods of study and other issues.

Alongside principal activities, seeking to achieve its aim, the SKVC has been actively and systematically cooperating with higher education institutions. It provides organisations with individual consultations and shares available information as well as the best practice in trainings, seminars and conferences, covering both quality assurance and recognition of foreign qualifications. The aim is to inform the biggest possible concerned audience about activity results and accumulated knowledge; therefore, various information dissemination channels and measures are used to maintain constant contact with student organisations, schools, foreign communities, related public authorities and business structures. Although stakeholders provide a positive feedback about SKVC activities, in order to improve public awareness of activity results more efforts will be exerted to make SKVC activities public.

The SKVC is constantly changing to keep pace with the shifting directions of the development of higher education. The increasing volume of assessment of study programmes and the growing scope of individual mobility may present a challenge due to the limited nature of financial and human resources and infrastructure development.

International cooperation plays a particular role in SKVC activities – the Centre is a member of international networks and is involved in joint projects as well as partnerships with analogous organisations of other countries. Due to its active operation beyond the territory of Lithuania, the SKVC has become known and appreciable on the international arena, and its employees communicate the gained knowledge to Lithuanian higher education institutions and other organisations.

The planned improvement of SKVC activities through optimisation of the quality management system and digitisation of activities and services will lead to the better satisfaction of target group needs. In order to enhance efficiency of external assessment, the Centre plans to conduct research of the impact of this assessment on higher education.

The SKVC aspires to achieve that external assessment makes a positive impact on Lithuanian higher education and that services related to the recognition of foreign qualifications reduce obstacles to academic mobility and internationalism of organisations.


SKVC Strategic Plan 2017–2019
SKVC Strategic Plan 2014–2016