Representatives from Azerbaijan Universities visited SKVC


On 5 November, representatives from Azerbaijan Universities visited the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC). They met managers of the Centre and got acquainted with the activities of the SKVC, external quality assurance system in higher education in Lithuania and internal study quality assurance of institutions of higher education. 

The delegation of 33 persons included vice-rectors for academic affairs, heads and specialists of quality assurance centres from 11 universities of Azerbaijan. 

The guests were interested in Lithuanian national quality assurance system in higher education, its structure, strengths and weaknesses, and results achieved so far. There were questions about the independence and external evaluation of the Lithuanian quality assurance agency and the role of the social partners and public authorities. The guests also wanted to know more about the general management of internal study quality assurance systems of the higher education institutions in Lithuania, their advantages and disadvantages. Discussions were focused on paradigms of learning and the responsibility of higher education providers for the quality of studies and its measurement. 

The delegation from Azerbaijan is visiting Lithuania on 5-10 November under the ERASMUS+ project „Establishment and Development of Quality Assurance Centres in Azerbaijan Universities”. The project partners are the institutions of higher education of the United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Lithuania and Azerbaijan.