System for the description of studies will be improved


The Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC) started to implement Project "Development of a system for the description of studies (SKAR-3)" which aims to complete the development of a system of descriptors for Lithuanian study fields. During the Project study field descriptors will be prepared and renewed, and the qualification of higher education institutions in the field of study programme development will be increased. 

SKAR-3 Project continues activities of previous Projects (SKAR and SKAR-2). During SKAR and SKAR-2 projects 37 study field descriptors were published. To date, descriptions of all study fields necessary for the preparation and improvement of study programs are still not available. The completion of the missing documents through SKAR-3 Project will complete legal regulation describing the study outcomes as needed. 

The results of the Project will be useful for experts, evaluating Lithuanian higher education institutions and study programmes. It will contribute to the improvement of Lithuanian qualification system, will help to achieve better dialog between business and the academic community. Upon implementation of the project, the system regulating Lithuanian studies will meet the requirements of the European Higher Education Area, which is reflected in the European Qualifications Framework.   

The project "Development of a system for the description of studies (SKAR-3)" is co-financed by the European Union structural funds. It is scheduled to run until January 2021.