Latvian delegation visited SKVC on academic recognition


On 17th of June 2022, SKVC was visited by Daiga Ivsina from the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia and Solvita Silina from the Academic Information Centre (Latvian ENIC/NARIC).

Latvia intends to implement reforms and increase the role of higher education institutions in academic recognition for the purposes of further studies.

In Lithuania, academic recognition is partially decentralised. The assessment and academic recognition of foreign access and higher education qualifications is done by SKVC, authorised by 17 Lithuanian higher education institutions, while the Research Council of Lithuania carries out the assessment and academic recognition of foreign PhDs.

At the meeting, Šarūnas Šalkauskas, the Chief Specialist of the SKVC Qualifications Assessment Division, and Aurelija Valeikienė, Deputy Director of the SKVC and Head of ENIC/NARIC Lithuania, presented the activities of the SKVC as a member of the ENIC/NARIC network and services to the natural and legal persons, especially work done with and for higher education institutions, shared their practical experience of the partially decentralised academic recognition system in Lithuania.