Senior leadership of SKVC participated in the international consultation


On 22 November 2021 Almantas Šerpatauskas Director of SKVC and Aurelija Valeikienė Deputy Director of SKVC have participated in the consultation arranged between INQAAHE Board members and quality assurance agencies of the Central European region on the topic of promoting relevance, trust and recognition of quality assurance (QA) provisions globally. 

As a follow up on the INQAAHE Global Study and in response to the global trends related to promotion of relevance, trust and recognition of HE outcomes, the INQAAHE Board decided to redesign its Guidelines of Good Practice (GGPs) to address the gaps and also the ever-diversifying provisions in higher learning. Thus, GGPs are in the process of transformation and further enhancement to feed into the International Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ISGs). New concepts will be introduced to the new ISGs, such as profile of the agency, its maturity, details on decision-making powers, global outreach, credibility, and database of credible QA and accreditation providers.  

The consultation was held with the aim to develop a robust methodology based on the existing literature review and document analysis. This is part of a regional focus groups series with QA bodies and a wider stakeholder consultation, held separately for Africa, Arab region, Asia, Central Europe, Northern America, and Western Europe.